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We cannot guarantee time changes!
We will do our best to accommodate any requests but there are NO refunds or credits for cancelled appointments.

We use an extremely dark DHA % solution that also contains extra dark bronzers. We will make everyone very very dark with this solution. We will be able to add one additional layer for very fair skin, but additional layers on top of that will not get the tan any darker, it will only make the tan more apt to smudge.

There will be a $20 charge for Touch Ups and Resprays.

This charge will be implemented for the following reasons:

  • Not following our before and after care instructions. 

  • Any kind of water/drink or food spillage on your tan.

Covering up your legs after your appointment and not getting sweaty for at least 8 hours is imperative.

  • If you have leftover sunless tanner on your legs that prevented our tan from adhering properly. 

  • Any kind of bathroom issues. 

We requested the tanning room be right near the restroom and will remind you via email to use the rest room immediately before your tanning appointment. No drinks are allowed in the tanning room as we do not want the girls to need the restroom 

right after their appointment.

  • My teacher said "I need to be darker".

Everyone absorbs the tan differently. Things that can affect the tan include diet, how moisturized your skin is, medications, and natural pH of your skin. We will get everyone as dark as we can.

  • The final decision will be decided by our staff

Our goal is to give you the instructions and information to have a perfect tan! We want everyone to have a stress free experience.

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